Peter Shelton

Bentley Boys Do Skyway Loop

Posted in Road Trips West, Watch columns by pshelton on June 30, 2010

What do Queen Elizabeth II and your humble reporter have in common? We both drive Bentleys.

Well, actually the Queen is driven around London in her claret-colored Royal Bentley limousine. And I drove a Bentley for the first and probably last time in my life last week on a bit of a total lark. (more…)

How Grandparents Get Their Names

Posted in Confessions of a Grandpa, More Sport, Watch columns by pshelton on June 26, 2010

“How could any woman think Tiger Woods is sexy?” Ellen barked at the television on Father’s Day, which also happened to be the day of final round play at the U.S. Open. (more…)

A View from the Hill

Posted in How the West was Lost, Watch columns by pshelton on June 17, 2010

I’m walking up the hill behind our house. Colona Hill some people call it. Or Colona Mountain. Though that may be too exalted a word for a remnant shale knob 7,100 feet above sea level in plain view of the saw-tooth Cimarron Ridge and the still-snowy San Juans to the south. (more…)

Hand Me That Monkey Wrench

Posted in At the Movies, Gas Pains, Watch columns by pshelton on June 10, 2010

Tim DeChristopher came to Mountainfilm representing a new generation of environmental monkey wrenchers. At least he hopes there is a growing cadre of young activists behind him.

At a breakfast panel called “Three Generations of Monkey Wrenchers,” DeChristopher, 28 (and awaiting trial for disrupting a BLM oil-and-gas lease sale in Utah), was the one with the close-cropped head and burning dark eyes.

Sitting in the middle was Dave Foreman, at 63, the gray-bearded co-founder of 1980s eco-saboteurs Earth First! And next to Foreman was 90-year-old river rat, protest singer and sometime nudist Katie Lee, who fought with all she had (and still does) the early-60s damming of her beloved Glen Canyon of the Colorado.

The passionate, uninhibited Lee, in fact, stole the show almost everywhere she went, but this morning she was equally matched. (more…)

When filmmakers become their stories

Posted in At the Movies, Gas Pains, Watch columns by pshelton on June 3, 2010

Some documentary films advocate unapologetically for change. Gasland, for example, which screened last weekend at Mountainfilm.

Josh Fox’s personal journey of discovery through the natural-gas fields of Pennsylvania (his home state) and west to the Rocky Mountains is a forthright indictment of an industry largely unregulated, and stubbornly secretive, when it comes to the air and water pollution it creates. (In one harrowing scene, a Colorado man instructs his wife to dial “91”—and then keep her finger hovering over the final “1”—while he takes a lighter and ignites the stream of water from their kitchen faucet.) Fox’s film is designed to stir outrage and action.

Bag It is another one. (more…)