Peter Shelton

An old man rewrote my Wiki page

Posted in How the West was Lost, Watch columns by pshelton on July 22, 2010

I, Scott McInnis, have been accused recently of going in and altering my Wikipedia profile. This is a non-issue. If I weren’t running for Governor of Colorado, nobody would have even noticed. I mean, nobody would have even bothered to look and thought that they saw some things that, you know, might not have been actually original thinking.

Mistakes were made. I believe Richard Nixon said that, and he was right. And, as you can see, I’m perfectly capable of attributing the words and thoughts of others. Mistakes were made. But they don’t reflect at all on my character or my intelligence or my truth-telling. The only thing my campaign has to fear is fear itself. And I think we’re going to be fine come the primary because an old family friend in Glenwood Springs is about to step up and say it was him; he made the mistakes, not me.

“I am in it to win it.” I wrote that, and I tweeted it to the world last Thursday after flag-burning liberals at The Denver Post claimed that I had plagiarized the work of a Colorado Supreme Court Justice so I could collect on a $300,000 fellowship I got after I left Congress. Hey, I had to come up with 150 pages of stuff in just two years. You think that’s easy? No, I’m not leaving the race. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds. They picked the wrong guy to bully. It’s about Colorado. It’s about you.

This reporter at The Denver Post – anyone besides me suspicious of her name, Crummy, Karen E. Crummy? – also wrote that a speech I made on the House floor sounded very much like something that had appeared earlier in The Washington Post. And that about the same time, in 1994, I had written an op-ed in The Rocky Mountain News that had also been “lifted” from The Post. Well, what exactly is lifted? Depends on what your definition of is is.

In my defense, I tweeted that “In Congress you have lots of staff. . . Of course, I had assistants write that.” I’ve offered to give the $300,000 back. What more do they want? When you come to a fork in the road, take it.

But back to my Wikipedia page. They did mention my Hero of The Taxpayer award from The Americans for Tax Reform. But they failed to note my seminal speech on the subject: “Mr. Clinton, Tear Down These Taxes!” I think that speaks volumes about my credentials as a conservative, and the strength of my campaign, this campaign, any campaign, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure.

No one could blame me for being upset about some of the stuff on the Wiki page. I may have said “shut up” to that woman in Montrose at that meeting to discuss new wilderness areas in Colorado. I simply wanted her to realize that she was an elitist and not worth the good people of Colorado’s time having to listen to her. I regret that Wikipedia included in the profile that I told California Representative Pete Stark to “shut up” in a committee meeting in 2003. But after I did he called me “you little fruitcake.” And I’m pretty sure he didn’t think that up by himself; it had to come from some one else, and he didn’t say where he got his material.

I also regret the emphasis that’s being put on the old man, Rolly Fischer. I mean, I paid him a couple hundred dollars to supply me with material for my “Musings on Water” articles. And now he’s turning on me, refusing to sign the letter my staff wrote for him admitting that he was the one doing the plagiarizing! Doesn’t he see the irony in that?

Some people will probably accuse me of plagiarizing what I’m putting down on the page right now. There you go again! Not true, I’m rewriting history myself. And if this doesn’t sway the good people of Colorado to send me to the governor’s mansion, then I guess I can fall back on the words that came to me while I was resting in my cruiser one day when I was a cop in Glenwood Springs four score and whatever years ago. Just popped into my head: The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here. . .

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