Peter Shelton

Having your cake and eating it too

Posted in Gas Pains, Watch columns by pshelton on September 30, 2010

The vote of (informal) disapproval last week by the Ridgway Area Joint Planning Board on SunEdison’s plan to locate a 20-acre solar farm near Ridgway was disappointing. I thought we were more forward looking than that. (more…)

Rowing Uphill

Posted in Gas Pains, Watch columns by pshelton on September 23, 2010

The red canoe out in the middle of West Passage was not making headway. It had an outboard motor – we could hear it buzzing away – but the little craft and its single occupant struggled mightily against the incoming tide. At times, it looked as if he was actually going backward. (more…)

A country boy in the big city

Posted in Watch columns by pshelton on September 16, 2010

Boston Common, September 11. The woman striding along the path in the sun has just a little bit of a hitch in her gittyup. Or maybe it’s hip, city-girl attitude; there’s plenty of that on display this brilliant fall day on Boston’s historic greensward. Her purse swings insouciantly. She’s saucing her walk in a tight black skirt and heels, and a blousy t-shirt. But wait. (more…)

Home Movies Lost

Posted in At the Movies, Watch columns by pshelton on September 2, 2010

Somewhere, somehow the home movies got lost.

We think they were with my dad, but since our parents’ divorce decades ago, the locations of some things have never been entirely clear. At any rate, the reels of 8mm film that he shot and carefully spliced together from the 1950s and 60s are nowhere to be found. Dad is sick about it, but he doesn’t know where else to look.

These were movies of our wonder years. (more…)