Peter Shelton

Tears In The Snow

Posted in Ski history, Watch columns by pshelton on March 3, 2011

Arnie Wilson looked up and saw the love of his life, Lucy Dicker, sliding down the couloir toward him.

She rag-dolled into the rocks where the chute made a dogleg right but kept on sliding and tumbling until she was almost upon him. Without thinking, Arnie dove at Lucy in what he described in his book Tears In The Snow as “a rugby tackle.” Somehow he held on, and the two of them careened another thousand feet down the slope.

Lucy’s skis were gone; Arnie’s were soon ripped away, too. Bumps tossed them into the air together. Glacier ice tore through Arnie’s ski jacket and stripped the flesh from his arm. A final jolt flung them apart despite Arnie’s desperate grip.

When they had stopped sliding, Arnie scrambled to Lucy’s side. She appeared to be staring at him but didn’t respond to his entreaties. And then he saw the blood bubbling out of her left ear. (more…)