Peter Shelton

Temporary blindness

Posted in Road Trips West, Watch columns by pshelton on December 10, 2009

Blizzard Warning! We had one this week accompanying a storm that did, in fact, close the passes and turned the mountains into a giant Cool Whip dessert.

The prospect of driving through a swirling white-out kept Ellen from motoring up to Telluride for a meeting. I don’t blame her. She was thinking about the time last winter when we went up together, the wind and snow kicked in during the afternoon, and it took us three and a half hours to crawl home to Colona, a trip of just over one hour in clear weather.

It’s not the porcelain road surface so much. We have good snow tires, and we know what our cars can and cannot do. (The other drivers out there? The ones braking in the curves or passing to gain a single place in line? That’s another story.) No, the real drama starts when you can’t tell where in hell the road is. (more…)