Peter Shelton

In the Beginning

Posted in At the Movies, Watch columns by pshelton on May 23, 2013

I was there at the beginning.

But I think I can be forgiven my fuzzy memories of the earliest Mountainfilm festivals. (more…)

The Curiosity Cousins Come to Visit

Posted in Uncategorized by pshelton on June 21, 2012

My cousins are like Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the Car Guys. Except their areas of expertise are not limited to cars. Or bets between spouses.

They’re interested in everything. Cousin Jay will offer to prove to you that 1+1 is not necessarily 2. Cousin David will challenge the legitimacy of the fossilized dinosaur tooth his brother just paid $49 for at a rock shop in Ouray. (more…)

Ligers and Wholphins and Sharks, Oh My!

Posted in At the Movies, Watch columns by pshelton on November 26, 2009

The guy in the wetsuit and scuba gear strums his guitar and sings: “If I was a great white I wouldn’t bite you. But I’d swim right next to you.” And right behind him in the blue depths, swimming along apparently uninterested, is this enormous, white-bellied, 40-million-year-old apex predator. Clearly a great white shark.

The audience at the Montrose Pavilion for Mountainfilm’s annual tour show, a near sell-out of about 600 people, gasped as one, then held its breath as if for the safety of the bubbling troubadour.

You couldn’t hold it for long, though, because The Great White Shark Song got funnier, and deeper, and more macabre as it went along. (more…)