Peter Shelton

Netflix Would be Nothing Without the TFF

Posted in At the Movies, Watch columns by pshelton on August 25, 2011

Netflix, the world’s film library, would hardly have worked for me if not for the Telluride Film Festival, which is coming up next week for its 38th go-round.

Without the wisdom of the TFF, I would be stuck in first-run Hollywood hell, with a thin veneer of foreign-film awareness; my Netflix queue would be limited to Oscar favorites and the suggestions of movie reviewers – a dubious crowd. (more…)

What the coffee table said

Posted in At the Movies, Ski evolution, Watch columns by pshelton on November 18, 2010

The coffee table was piled high with stuff, as usual. We had a visitor coming, a friend from New York who stopped in rarely and so warranted a neater living room than the semi-pigpen we allow when we are home alone. I waded in.

First thing to get put away was the road atlas. We’d had it out to look at New Jersey. We’ve been watching old episodes of The Sopranos, and Ellen wanted to see where the Pine Barrens are. I’d also wanted to check on the whereabouts of Wasilla, Alaska.

That little bit of research happened after I read Nancy Franklin’s hilarious review of Sarah Palin’s new “reality” show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. (more…)