Peter Shelton

High Lunacy in Savage Basin

Posted in Uncategorized by pshelton on June 14, 2012

Apparently the craziness at this year’s Lunar Cup ski race got so crazy that one of the revelers was bucked off his bike and now lies in a coma at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction.

It’s a shame it happened, and it has generated word on the street to the effect that now is the time, maybe, finally, for the Lunar Cup to be permanently retired. (more…)

Vicarious Magic

Posted in At the Movies, Ski evolution, Watch columns by pshelton on November 11, 2010

It works every time. The season’s new ski movie comes to town in November just as snow is starting to fly, and all those dreams and memories built up over the summer come rushing out like a wind between the theater seats and the screen. (more…)