Peter Shelton

Private Skiing

Posted in Ski evolution, Watch columns by pshelton on February 17, 2011

There’s a famous wave in Indonesia called Nihiwatu. It peels across the beachfront of an exclusive resort on the island of Sumba, east of Bali. The wave proceeds from left to right – that is looker’s left, if, for example, you were nursing a beer in the resort’s open-air dining room and gazing out to the horizon. (more…)

Alex Sees A Hop

Posted in Confessions of a Grandpa, Watch columns by pshelton on October 28, 2010

Why only young people have babies.

Adam was driving. I was riding shotgun. Behind me in the car seat, Alex was keeping an eye out for cows. The hard “c” sound often comes out a “d.” So when Alex, who just celebrated his second birthday, sees cows in a field, the word we hear is an excited “Dow!”

In the golden pre-winter fields between Ouray and Ridgway, there were a lot of dows. (more…)

Back on the Bike Again

Posted in More Sport, Watch columns by pshelton on July 29, 2010

It’s so good to be back on the bike again. Breathing hard. Dripping sweat onto the top tube. Seeing the world come up and go by in a blur utterly unlike either walking or driving. (more…)