Peter Shelton

When filmmakers become their stories

Posted in At the Movies, Gas Pains, Watch columns by pshelton on June 3, 2010

Some documentary films advocate unapologetically for change. Gasland, for example, which screened last weekend at Mountainfilm.

Josh Fox’s personal journey of discovery through the natural-gas fields of Pennsylvania (his home state) and west to the Rocky Mountains is a forthright indictment of an industry largely unregulated, and stubbornly secretive, when it comes to the air and water pollution it creates. (In one harrowing scene, a Colorado man instructs his wife to dial “91”—and then keep her finger hovering over the final “1”—while he takes a lighter and ignites the stream of water from their kitchen faucet.) Fox’s film is designed to stir outrage and action.

Bag It is another one. (more…)