Peter Shelton

Making the Wave

Posted in More Sport, Personal History, Watch columns by pshelton on September 27, 2012

There was a mistake in the program for last weekend’s concert at the Wright Opera House in Ouray. It said the folk/rock trio Gabriel Gladstar got together in Laguna Beach in the “late 1970s.” That would make them old enough, but actually they started a decade earlier, in 1969, and recognizing them on stage Friday night, during their first-ever reunion tour, was not an easy task. (more…)

Surfing Style Police

Posted in More Sport, Watch columns by pshelton on October 15, 2011

Style, on skis or a surfboard, is, of course, a slippery slope. So, I’m going out on a limb here talking about athletes and their subjective styles. (How’s that for mixed-metaphor writing style?) (more…)

The Geezers Club

Posted in Ski evolution, Watch columns by pshelton on February 27, 2010

Sometimes when I’m at a loss for something to write about, Ellen suggests, “Write about cats.”

She doesn’t mean cats, themselves, necessarily, though we are wrestling with end-of-life, quality-of-life issues (his and ours) for dear old Tonapaw, who is at least 17 human years old: skinny, stiff, irascible—prone to what the vet calls “inappropriate vocalization.” He yells a lot. It’s apparently a sign of kitty dementia.

No, Ellen means write about what’s in your lap. Right now. Where do your thoughts go when you’re not monitoring them, when you’re not on guard, at work, or in public? (more…)